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Want to style your home like a pro? It’s simple! Take a look at these top guides!

Sometimes we just need a bit of help or guidance when it comes to the ‘technical’ side of styling our home. What height should I hang the light? What coffee table is the right size for this room? And how on earth do I make my bed look amazing every morning?

Well, if you ask, we will give you the answers! This article covers some of the most desired answers to those head-scratching questions, so sit back and get inspired!

What Does This Article Cover?

In this article, you will find tips and tricks on lighting, creating a wall gallery, sofa styling, perfect pillow combinations, coffee table size guiding, building your dream bed, and styling a perfect bed.

Our Favorite Tips and Tricks for Making Your Interior Design Task Easier!

Lighting Styling + Tips – 

How to Choose The Perfect Lighting Size For Any Room

As found on Lighting Connection

This infographic from Lighting Connection has been referred to by many people who are looking for the ideal lighting style and sizes for various rooms of their homes. Lighting Connection is also a lighting company and will help you out if you have any questions (about lighting).

Studio McGee’s Guide to Hanging Lights

As found on Studio McGee

Studio McGee has created a great infographic covering the most common questions they are asked when it comes to sizing and hanging lights. This post will give you their tips on how to hang a light over a dining table, kitchen island and how to hand lights properly with different ceiling heights.

Gallery Wall Styling + Tips – 

A Simple And Easy Way To Hang a Gallery Wall

As found on Momtastic

Momtastic offers a great guide on how to create a layout, prep, and hang your frames to create a beautiful gallery wall perfect for you. As with any layout guide, the result will differ depending on the size of your frames, etc., but it’s important to use your own ideas and creativity to give your wall a unique look.

If you need to purchase frames for your gallery wall, this set, which comes in different colors, includes wall gallery template ‘mats’ you can use to set up your wall gallery along with where to place your nails. It helps make a difficult task easy.

Creative Ideas For Your Gallery Wall

As found on Princess Pinky Girl

Princess Pinky Girl discusses the position of the gallery wall, the theme of your gallery, and the layout of your gallery. She also includes a ton of great inspiration and examples of other people’s gallery walls to give you an idea of what you could do.

Living Room Styling + Tips – 

Fail-Proof Pillow Combinations

As found on Little House of Four

We all know that pillows and cushions are a great way to add a fresh new style to your room now and then, but do we all know how to get it right?

This article from Little House of Four is amazing for guiding you in the right direction when it comes to mixing and matching pillows and styling your sofa. She has impeccable taste in fabrics, patterns, and style, and I’m totally smitten with some of her cover combos.

The textured + solid + striped lumbar pillow combination is my favorite, and as I write this and look over at my gloomy sofa, I notice I actually have the pebble knit pillows! 

The pebble knit pillows are almost always sold out, but these are similar and affordable. You can find the Faux Leather and the Lumbar Pillows on Etsy.

Perfect Ways to Style Your Sectional Sofa

As found on Caitlin Wilson

Now you’ve got your pillows, let’s head over to Caitlin and learn how to style our sectional sofa. Now I guess this article is only useful if you have or are planning to purchase a sectional sofa, but it’s one I felt was important for those of you it may apply to.

This article from Caitlin shows you different ways to style your sectional sofa, how many pillows you should have (without going overboard), the perfect sizes for the pillows for each space of your sofa, and additional styling tips and tricks to finish off the look.

Choosing The Right Coffee Table For Your Space

As found on Z Design at Home

When it comes to choosing the right coffee table for your space, Bree is on it. Having just had to go through this whole process herself, she has now put together a guide on the steps she took and what she had to consider to get the look just right. 

Bree covers coffee table height, length, width, shape, orientation, and other things (told you she was on it). 

Bedroom Styling + Tips – 

How To Create Your Dream Bed

As found on Au Lit Fine Linens

Omg, omg, omg, I love this Q&A from Au Lit Fine Linens! If you have ever looked at a plush hotel bed and wondered how they create the look, then this post will answer your question! There is so much that goes into creating the ‘dream bed’, and it may be a bit costly to invest in all the essentials, but it is something to consider if the aesthetic of your bed and sleep quality is high on your list.

3 Ways To Beautifully Style Your Bed

As found on Hello Glow

This photo gallery from Hello Glow shows three simple ways to style your bed with minimal furnishings. Unlike the post above, some of these bed styles can be replicated simply with what you might already have at home, so are perfect examples if you want to spruce up your bed quickly.


There we have it, nine brilliant but straightforward ways to help you style your home like a pro. What guide have you found the most helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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