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10 Great Ways to Promote Your Blog and Successfully Gain Readers

Ridiculously easy ways to promote your blog today!

Don’t be cringed out with the idea of self-promoting your blog. I know a lot of people wince at the thought, but really, it’s not all that bad.

I’m not going to tell you to stand outside, wear a sign, and do a dance while yodeling your blog name to the world. I’m going to tell you to sit back in your chair, grab a coffee, and read on.

Promoting your business is essential, or else how would anyone know about it? There are a few simple ways to self promote, and I’ll cover them with you here.

SEO (search engine optimization)

Let’s start from the top with SEO (search engine optimization). You should always be mindful of SEO when creating your posts as this is very important for getting your content found on the web.

Use tools such as Google Adwords and Ubersuggest to get started when gathering your keywords and apply these correctly to your posts. Great keywords are the foundation for promoting your blog and getting more readers and clicks. Remember to optimize your keywords for the countries you are targeting – we optimize mostly for the USA and UK.

Link Building

Next, we will take a quick look at link building. Link building essentially has another person, blog, or website link back to your site, thus gaining more traffic on your blog.

One way to do this is to get involved in the community of your niche, such as a group that aims to help each other out by promoting each other.

Another easy way to draw traffic to your blog is by linking back to your website when you are posting comments in forums that are relatable.

Further down the line, you could potentially gain link backs when you have established yourself a little more, and other people link to your site off their own back.

Social Media

Another way to promote yourself is on social media. Getting followers on social media is easy, but what’s important is turning those followers into engaged readers.

Make sure you hit every platform that is relatable to your blog and the audience you are targeting; otherwise you could be wasting time. Don’t post social media content for the sake of posting.

Make sure your content is beneficial, informative, visual, and makes the viewer want to see more by going to your site.

Remember, platforms like Instagram reload quickly with newer, fresher content, so you may only have a few minutes to make an impact before you become lost down the feed.

Email List

You might notice a certain pop up when you go onto a site asking for your email address to subscribe. This is so bloggers can build their email list and keep you connected to them as a loyal reader or customer.

Then once you sign up, you will receive the odd newsletter in your inbox, which will hopefully be full of great information and keep you engaged enough to keep coming back. This is an important tactic which all striving businesses use.

Discounts and Sales

A good way to engage readers and keep them coming back is to offer discounts or sales every now and then. Promoting your sale also allows you to promote your blog again without feeling like you are repeating yourself too much.

When your discount or sale offer is coming to an end, guess what? You can promote it again!

Everybody loves a bargain, so if your readers don’t convert this time, be sure that you will be on their radar for next time.


An interesting idea to keep your readers attracted is to be there for them to speak to. Sure, you can reply to comments and emails, but what about a certain day where you are ‘live’ with them. This way they can talk, ask and discuss whatever they feel like with you.

A lot of readers want answers for things but don’t get them, so why not promote a ‘live discussion’ and get on board with making valuable reader relationships.


What do people love more than a bargain? Freebies, of course! Here at Meant to be Made, we have a section dedicated solely to free content such as downloads and printables.

We offer giveaways often, which are always worth checking out, and these pages have a lot of visitors.

Depending on your blog style and what you offer, free content and giveaways are perfect for drawing in readers. 

Guest Posts

If you’re a good writer and are knowledgable in a specific niche, then writing guest posts could be a way for you to promote your blog.

There are a few big blogs out there that accept guest posts assuming you follow their rules and guidelines and are approved by them.

By doing this, you are allowed to link back to your own blog, so in theory, you are taking their audience and making it your own.


So vlogging is massive. Consider creating a youtube account for your business and vlog your blog! Talk viewers through your blog posts, post fun behind the scenes content and add any video footage that is of interest to your audience.

Getting Involved

Get physically involved – Fairs, fetes, markets, and events that relate to your niche are a great place to network. If this is something that interests you, then consider getting involved. This also allows potential readers to meet the people behind the blog and get to know you. Give those potential readers a good experience, and they will most likely return home as a fan.


So there you have it. You can self promote using these simple but effective methods without being pushy and cringy! Do you have a favorite way of self-promoting? Let us know in the comments below.

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