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Make your home happy and organized in just 15 minutes a day!

As a busy parent, it’s important to maintain a balance of work and a healthy home, but this isn’t easily managed.

Splitting my day between work, family, and tidying, I needed some easy solutions to help organize our home. I needed to break away from endless cleaning that seemed to get me nowhere.

Our thoughts

It is a great purchase for anybody ready to take on the necessary evil – housework and get their home organized once and for all.

One of the perks of this book is how relatable Cassandra is. When reading this book, it’s like getting together with an old friend. Cassandra helps you laugh through the chaos you’re facing.

Her budget-friendly tips and tricks are practical and innovative. She will easily help you live a more organized life with minimal effort.

There is also a ‘clutterbug’ quiz in the book, which helps to assess what type of ‘clutterbug’ you are and offers solutions for them. Are you a hoarder or someone who hides everything in the cupboards and hopes it goes away? I’m ashamed to say I’m both – and then some.

We have one storage cupboard in our tiny home, and we filled that to the brim years ago!

The help within this book can be implemented easily in your day to day life, and that is the beauty of it. Just fifteen minutes a day can help you fall in love with organizing and fall in love with your home again.


Overall this book is a real gem. It’s informative, funny and genuinely helps you to get your butt in gear and declutter in just 15 minutes a day! You can purchase the book here, we definitely recommend it.

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