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Check out these low maintenance plants perfect for your home!

I’m always super hopeful when I bring a new plant home or try to grow one from seed. I suddenly become the next Alan Titchmarsh, naming my new family member, spraying it’s leaves, having general girl talk by the window, and then suddenly, after two days, my beloved plant dies. Now maybe I talked it to death, or maybe I’m just not doing something right.

Luckily for us plant murderers, some beautiful decorative houseplants are deemed ‘unkillable’. Let’s take a look.


Hello, little beauties! Succulents and Cacti are perfect if you typically forget to water your plants as they store water in their thick leaves, allowing them to easily skip an odd watering and survive bright and dry conditions. Succulents look lovely on the window sill, and we think Aloe is a beautiful choice for the bathroom.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are brilliant for so many different reasons. Let me start first with the health benefits of having a snake plant in your home. The snake plant removes toxins from the environment around him, thus improving the air quality of your home. The snake plant has also been found to absorb harmful carcinogens, improving your health too!

This plant will strive in direct light and more shaded areas, so no more stressing on where to place him! The more light your snake plant receives, the lighter his leaves will become, and alternatively, less light means darker leaves.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant (Zanzibar Gem) is another plant that is forgiving when not watered; all this plant requires is a bi-monthly (every two months) water.

The Cast Iron Plant

The name says it all. A tough, hardy plant that is resilient to reasonable neglect. This plant does well in both bright sunlight and low light / shady areas. Just remember not to overwater it.

English Ivy

This plant is air purifying, resilient, and stylish. English Ivy is known to handle the most difficult of situations such as the cold, low moisture, and low light. It also prefers cooler environments. Pot this beauty in a hanging basket for a lush, stylish effect.


So there we have it, five beautiful, resilient, hardy plants willing to put up a fight against us ‘brown thumbs’.

Do you have a favorite resilient plant to add to the list? Let us know your thoughts and input below!

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