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Side Hustle Ideas - How to Make Money Offering Relationship Advice

How to make money offering the advice you normally give away for free!

Yeah, that’s right. You really can make money from anything, including relationship advice (from intimate relationships to friendships), lifestyle advice, and caregiving advice.

If you are an avid listener and can focus solely on your client, giving them unbiased and actionable advice, then this could be something worth considering.

What you do when offering advice

When offering this service, you can be expected to set a dedicated amount of time listening, understanding, and reviewing your client’s problems, worries, and questions.

It’s essential to give them an excellent service. Not only because it is beneficial for your reputation and business but because you are dealing with very personal aspects of people’s lives.

Clients might want someone to listen, someone to share advice on their marriage, or give your input on their situation. When offering your services, remember to open up about who you are so that they can relate.

How much you can make

On Fiverr, you can expect to make between $5 and $40 per session, but this all depends on what you offer.

For example, many sellers offer different prices based on time dedication like $5 for 20 minutes, $20 for 40 minutes, or $35 for 60 minutes. However, you can also factor in how you plan to provide the service.

Will this be text-only communication, or will you offer phone consultations?

How you communicate with the seller can also vary your pricing. Just remember, if you do offer phone consultations, then don’t give out a personal number and factor call rates into the price.

Where to find business

Fiverr is a great place to start when it comes to offering services like this. It is a well established and top-rated platform known for providing services and skills all in one place.

There is a lot of sellers of relationship advice on Fiverr, but the competition doesn’t seem very tough. A lot of the sellers are offering services without any real thought, so I would personally start selling here first and get ahead of the competition.

How soon you can make money

Fiverr releases payment once the transaction has completed, and the customer is happy with the service they have received. There may also be a grace period where Fiverr will hold onto any money, but this will only be for a week or so.

What tools you need

You will need an internet connection, computer and depending on your services, you may need a phone or software that allows voice calls such as Skype or Whatsapp.

Other than these obvious things, you need to be able to dedicate time to each of your customers. You can keep track of this by making sure you have a schedule of dates and times for when you will be working with clients.

It might be a good idea to have a digital schedule and request the buyer gets in touch to schedule a time slot that works with your plan before buying.

What experience you need

You don’t need the expertise to offer advice; you need to have had experiences. However, to set yourself apart from the competition on Fiverr, be sure to let them know what you can offer.

For example, If I were to sell relationship advice, I would have my experiences in my description, such as:

  • Married
  • Two young children
  • I’ve dealt with tricky relationships
  • I have experience with dealing with and supporting mental health issues
  • I can offer advice on running two businesses while juggling a family

Do you see what people learn from this?

  • They know I can help advise on marriage difficulties or worries
  • I’m a parent and can offer advice on raising and supporting children
  • I’ve been in complicated relationships, and I can offer them my story and my support.
  • Mental health worries? No worries! I can give you my very personal insight and offer my experience and support.
  • Stay at home mum wanting to start your own business? Cool, I’ve done that too, get in touch.

Compare this to some of the descriptions on other seller’s accounts that say, “I can give you advice on girls and be your relationship advisor. Don’t message me for sexual content”.

If I wanted sound advice and help, I know where I would (or wouldn’t) go.

Courses and books to help you

Aside from life experience, there are a few books out there that might educate you and help you gain knowledge to pass on.

How to promote your services

Using Fiverr as your market place allows you to reach customers without having to invest in other types of advertising or promotion. However, if you want, you can always advertise your services on social media or your blog.

Ready to unleash your excellent advice on the world?

So what do you think? Do you think offering advice on relationships and other matters could be a side hustle you could enjoy?

I think it’s quite a rewarding job and it’s always nice to help people. You never know; you might learn something from them too.

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