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Legal Page Templates - What They Are and Where to Find Them

Why you need legal pages for your blog and where to find them!

Why you need legal pages

If you’re new to blogging or running your own business, you might overlook certain elements or put them on the back burner until later, but there is one thing you cannot ignore, and that’s your legal pages. Your legal pages consist of different rules and regulations that help to protect you, your blog, and your readers, and you need to have these to comply with the law.

We’ve covered legal pages and the different regulations in our article “Protect Your Blog with Legal Pages: The 3 Pages You Need to Blog Legally” which we suggest you read if you need to learn and understand the importance of disclosures, policies, and terms and conditions on your blog.

If you fail to comply with the law, you can be sued and fined hefty money (in some cases up to $20 million) for simply failing to add a policy to your blog – that is a crazy amount of money for making a simple mistake.

Legal page templates and where you can find them

We always recommend seeking the advice of a lawyer when it comes to legal documents and templates, but that doesn’t mean you have to source a lawyer in your area and pay big bucks for their help. There are lawyers online who can help, and there are even some lawyers that also do a bit of blogging, so they certainly know what you need!

Free legal page templates

Some websites offer free legal templates for your business, and these can be personalized for your preferences. We always suggest working with a lawyer when sculpting legal documents or seeking legal advice.

RocketLawyer is a brilliant website that offers a ton of guidance and support, along with free legal templates and documents of all kinds. You simply choose the type of document you require (refer to our guide for an in-depth look at what you need), fill out some business details to help fill in the blanks of your template and shape it to your needs and then review it.

Contractology offers free templates with only one restriction – you have to credit them, but that seems fair enough. If you don’t want to credit and link back to them, then you can purchase a license. Contractology currently offers templates for anti-spam policy, privacy policy, website terms and conditions, and many more.

SEQ Legal is another website offering free, sophisticated legal templates that are trusted by hundreds of users. There are no requirements for using SEQ Legal templates, you don’t even have to register to download them, and they are downloadable in word format for easy editing.

Legal Templates offers an array of documents for you to download and use freely, and they don’t just cover business legalities. Legal Templates has a handy search bar, so if you know what you’re looking for, then you can find it in seconds.

They also have a section where you can view all of their legal templates if you want to have a look around and read through some of them.

Premium legal page templates

We know everybody would prefer a freebie, but don’t skip past our paid template recommendations. The beauty of paid legal templates is that they tend to be drafted by professional lawyers and they may offer genuine one on one advice rather than just giving you a template to edit and send you on your way.

Website Policies offers tons of policies perfect for whatever your business needs. With clients who are both entrepreneurs and bloggers, Website Policies boast fantastic reviews and testimonials along with free documents and premium documents.

You don’t have to purchase a bundle, but if you do, you can save up to 45%. Policies will be instantly downloadable once you complete a questionnaire and are based around the laws of the location you specify. All of the Website policy documents comply with GDPR.

A Self Guru is a blog that focuses on the legalities of blogging and offers many different templates and bundles to help get your blog legally ready from the get-go. The templates and bundles might look a little pricey, but you need to see this as an investment as you could save thousands down the line if you ever find yourself in trouble.

A Self Guru also has plenty of glowing reviews and testimonials and has worked with plenty of successful blogs, including us!

US Legal Forms offers legal templates specifically for the state you reside in so you don’t have to worry about editing the documents to suit your jurisdiction. The forms are easy to download and are affordable. They also come with their own guidelines for usage along with any supporting documents associated with it.


Although there are some great free resources out there, we can’t guarantee their thoroughness and compatibility with the laws you need to comply with. At least with the premium option, the templates are written by lawyers and attorneys, so give you extra security and peace of mind.

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