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This is a great book, but please don’t shave your cat!

We have an extremely hairy family member in our home. No, I’m not talking about Don this time.

Our ragdoll cat Osar is constantly shedding his fur. We have to sacrifice our clothes, furniture, dignity, and sanity daily.

Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat

This book instantly caught our eye and we couldn’t believe the concept of it. It seemed too good to be true, so we decided to make a purchase and see how we got on.

Anybody purchasing this book should understand that this is originally a Japanese book translated into English, so we should appreciate the culture and the creativity behind the book.

As our culture is different, we may find the idea of this book a bit strange or ‘kooky,’ but the unusual aspect of the book is a major selling point.

Our thoughts

This is a perfect gift for any cat lover or anyone who would like to try another material when crafting. It is also simply an adorable and creative book to have on your shelf.

On the downside, the book is quite short on useful information. Isn’t predominantly about crafting with cat hair as the main material, the cat fur seems to be an addition to the final product.

Felting is the main crafting technique used, and there are some basic instructions on how to do this; however, previous knowledge of this might be helpful when completing projects. All projects come with a step by step guide and pictures.


The book also includes some facts and information on cats, which is a cute touch, along with the cats who volunteered their fur for some of the creations in the book – unlike Oscar (who is hiding behind the sofa).

If you want to try this book out for yourself, you can purchase it here.

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